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Profound Inequality

The most serious, most profound and most pressing example of inequality in our country today is not sexual orientation, gender, or race. It is economic. Poverty begets more poverty, continuing from one generation to the next, as long as government … Continue reading

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It seems the Republican Party has decided to stop shooting itself in the foot, finally. With the announcement that Republicans will now support an unconditional 3 month debt limit extension, party leaders have finally made a smart move. This welcome … Continue reading

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Living Large in Istanbul

I came across an interesting factoid today concerning wasteful spending which epitomizes the Idiocracy known also as our government. Late last year, a Department of Justice report revealed that the Drug Enforcement Administration spent $1.18 million dollars to host a … Continue reading

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Insanity revealed

Television news shows featuring Members of Congress from each party often yield little, if any, substantive dialogue. The dribble-drabble, hocus-pocus, mind-numbing, and highly partisan discussions, where Members talk past each other and interrupt each other incessantly, can get really old, … Continue reading

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Our expanding welfare state

According to the Senate Budget Committee’s Ranking Minority Member, Jeff Sessions of Alabama, the government spent enough on welfare in 2011 to send $60,000 to every family living below the poverty line. The daily equivalent would be $168 for every … Continue reading

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Europe: Getting uglier by the day

This post of another blog post gives us an update on the deteriorating situation in Europe. Click here to learn what America might face one day unless something is done to break Washington’s horrific addiction to out of control spending.

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Obama’s ‘Fair & Balanced’ Tax Package

Click here for an article from the┬áHeritage Foundation┬áthat summarizes all the new tax increases that the President recently signed into law. And click here for a rather depressing Huffington Post article concerning the unconscionable corporate tax breaks that were also … Continue reading

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