The wheels on the bus go round and round

There hasn’t been anything too terribly interesting in politics lately, which is the reason several weeks have passed since my last post. Sure, the Senate finally passed a budget after 4 years, and the House passed yet another Ryan budget which has zero chance of ever becoming law. Why do both Houses of Congress waste their time passing such partisan budgets? The Senate voted to raise $1 trillion in new taxes, and the House voted to repeal ObamaCare, again. I get that negotiations typically start by staking out an extreme position in order to be able to give ground during the negotiating process before settling on some compromise, but haven’t Democrats and Republicans already staked out their extreme positions quite clearly? Is it really necessary to start all over again with budget bills that were passed almost entirely along partisan lines? Only in Washington, I suppose, is it necessary to waste more time, more money and more effort pandering to each side’s political base (yet again) instead of advancing the interests of the country as a whole by passing legislation that actually has a chance of becoming law.

Speaking of the interests of our country, President Obama visited Israel this week, setting expectations for the visit so low that managing to land Air Force One safely at Ben Gurion Airport could reasonably be touted as cause for celebration. Yet, just as Obama was preparing to leave Israel for Jordan, we are supposed to believe that our chief yahoo was the impetus for Israel’s Netanyahu placing a call to Turkey’s Erdogan to make amends for the 2010 killing of Turkish aid workers. Please Mr. Yahoo, not everyone is a low information voter who takes everything you say at face value and believes that this arrangement was not already pre-planned and pre-packaged well in advance of your arrival in Israel. Indeed, many of us, well, about 47% of us, don’t believe much of any anything you ever say. It is not hard to believe that Hollywood loves this Administration so much, which is why I think many of Obama’s staffers could enjoy post-political careers in the fantasy and make believe world of the country’s left coast.

If Obama really wanted to get something accomplished in the Middle East, he could start by actually using the power of his position to garner support for a coalition of the willing to finally start to do something about the slaughter of over 70,000 Syrians by the most brutal, serial killing opthamologist the world has ever seen, Bashar Al-Assad. It is wrong to think that we could not get support from the Arab world for such an under-taking. In fact, many Arab people are wondering what we are waiting for. Maybe our chief yahoo is waiting for Putin and the communists in China to give us permission. Guess what? They aren’t ever going to give us permission, and if we continue to let the U.N. have its way, then we are giving Iran de facto permission to continue fighting the opthamologist’s battles, which gives the crazies from Persia a stronger opportunity to gain more power in the region as well as a border with Israel.

I thought the use of chemical weapons was a red line for Obama. Yet, news reports this week of chemical weapons now being used have not gotten any legs, which is eerily familiar to the liberal media largely ignoring the fact that Obama misled the entire world about the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi.

Friends, I may sound partisan, but it’s hard not to sound partisan when using facts and truth in discussion of an Administration that is singularly dedicated to maximizing political expediency.

Lastly, I mentioned in my last post that I would discuss Doha, Qatar in this post. Basically, these guys have so much cash from selling oil and natural gas that the buildings you see below are largely empty, the result of a massive building binge coupled with a society that remains relatively closed to outside investment and outsiders in general. Interesting…but not so interesting that it’s worth writing more about it.


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