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I’ve read several news articles today on a variety of issues that really resonate with me. Each author does a great job describing common sense positions in a much more effective way than I could ever convey in a reasonable period of time. Yes, writing a blog post takes time to research, think about, and then formulate in words, and for this reason, I offer the following recommend readings, organized by policy issue so that you can read what interests you and leave the rest. Hopefully, a few of you will find at least one issue that interests you enough to read more!

IMMIGRATION: It turns out that many people are not happy at all with the Gang of Eight’s proposed immigration bill because it grants amnesty without sufficiently securing our borders first. Since the government made this mistake when it granted amnesty to a bunch of illegal aliens back in 1984, how can anyone be in favor of repeating this mistake again? Oh yeah, there is an election coming up in about 18 months! You know what, though? I don’t care about another election, and I am sick and tired of politicians getting away with stupid policy decisions because the right policy choice was too painful politically. Just to clarify, I am in favor of making it a lot easier for foreigners to legally immigrate to our country; I am not in favor of allowing illegal immigrants to become citizens without going to the back of the line first; I support securing our border with Mexico as a pre-condition to any amnesty program; and I am in favor of securing the border by constructing an actual fence the entire distance of the border, because this project would secure the border once and for all and because it would create jobs. Final note: I do not agree with the position that Rubio is wrong to work with the other party on this issue. How else will anything ever get done?

“Rubio hit hard after inviting comments on immigration bill” by Byron York, Washington Examiner.

ISLAMIC JIHAD: The administration has removed from its discourse any mention of the policy formerly known as The War on Terror. An article I read early in the week mentioned that an FBI Training Manual had been revised to exclude any mention of Islamic radicals, apparently in an effort to make the training manual less offensive to Muslims and more politically correct in general. From this same article we learn that in a further attempt to remove the focus on Islamic Jihad, the administration has labeled the massacre at Ford Hood in 2009 “workplace violence” instead of the Islamic jihad it really was. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I reluctantly opened Thomas Friedman’s article in today’s NY Times, in which he asks the Muslim community “what is going on in your community that a critical number of your youth believes that every American military action in the Middle East is intolerable and justifies a violent response, and everything Muslim extremists do to other Muslims is ignorable and calls for mostly silence?” More than anything, I am glad to hear a Times opinion writer actually opine on the Muslim community’s role in doing something about the war being waged against the West and even other Muslims by radical Islamists in the name of Allah.

Along the lines of Islamic Jihad, consider reading “Will Boston Probe Falter Like Benghazi” by Debra Saunders of the San Francisco Chronicle.

ECONOMY: The WSJ does a great job calling out the Obama Administration for what is clearly a failed economic plan to grow the economy, in its article this week titled “The Growth Deficit.” The results speak for themselves, and the article does a great job detailing the dismal results in case you haven’t been paying attention. In the event you have paid attention and view things differently, then God help you… and read this article by Conn Carroll of the Washington Examiner. We have a jobs killing, mandatory health insurance law that does nothing to address the drivers of medical inflation. We have a real unemployment rate approaching 14%, yet plenty of manufacturing firms cannot find employees because welfare recipients earn, on average, 80% of what they would make if they actually had a job. Disability roles have surged because the hurdle for proving disability has been dramatically reduced by a compliant administration. Worst of all, we have a tax and spend administration intent on creating the mother of all welfare states that will soon dwarf, if it does not already, any of the European welfare states, all in the interest of fairness and  in an effort to stick it to the top 1%-5%.

GEORGE W. BUSH: I have always liked Peggy Noonan, but I am sure many people disagreed with her article in the WSJ this week titled “The Presidential Wheel Turns.” I do not disagree with Ms. Noonan’s article.

Well, that’s all folks. I hope everyone has a great week!

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