“Five Years Later: How’s that Wreckovery Working Out?” by Michelle Malkin

I read Michelle Malkin’s article today with mild indifference until she describes how Obama admitted to David Brooks of the New York Times that the shovel ready jobs of the Stimulus Bill were, in fact, just a crock of lies. That the Stimulus package was another government boondoggle was something I realized soon after the bill was passed in 2009, because I remember wondering why there weren’t more reports of new infrastructure projects being funded as a result of this massive cash infusion into the economy. Now we know the real reason that Obama later famously remarked that the jobs weren’t as shovel ready as he thought they would be. Obama and his minions were lying to the American public about these jobs in the first place. Unfortunately, Obama’s stimulus deception was the first of many fraudulent schemes foisted upon the hard working citizens of our country by this feckless liar.

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