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“Five Years Later: How’s that Wreckovery Working Out?” by Michelle Malkin I read Michelle Malkin’s article today with mild indifference until she describes how Obama admitted to David Brooks of the New York Times that the shovel ready jobs of … Continue reading

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The partial government shut-down seems to have many people quite upset, although I am not one of them. If I did not watch TV, read a newspaper, or go online during these past 3 days, it would be impossible for … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading

I’ve read several news articles today on a variety of issues that really resonate with me. Each author does a great job describing common sense positions in a much more effective way than I could ever convey in a reasonable … Continue reading

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The wheels on the bus go round and round

There hasn’t been anything too terribly interesting in politics lately, which is the reason several weeks have passed since my last post. Sure, the Senate finally passed a budget after 4 years, and the House passed yet another Ryan budget … Continue reading

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Greece We Go

I visited several customers this month, and along the way I learned some interesting facts about how other countries are handling problems like the ones we face in the United States. In this post, I will discuss Greece, the first … Continue reading

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Charge It

It appears that the President’s State of the Union speech will deal in large part on the economy, budget deficit and sequester cuts. Commentators and writers will pontificate on the president’s proposals, and lively debate about what the Left and … Continue reading

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Profound Inequality

The most serious, most profound and most pressing example of inequality in our country today is not sexual orientation, gender, or race. It is economic. Poverty begets more poverty, continuing from one generation to the next, as long as government … Continue reading

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