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Recommended Reading

I’ve read several news articles today on a variety of issues that really resonate with me. Each author does a great job describing common sense positions in a much more effective way than I could ever convey in a reasonable … Continue reading

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Greece We Go

I visited several customers this month, and along the way I learned some interesting facts about how other countries are handling problems like the ones we face in the United States. In this post, I will discuss Greece, the first … Continue reading

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Insanity revealed

Television news shows featuring Members of Congress from each party often yield little, if any, substantive dialogue. The dribble-drabble, hocus-pocus, mind-numbing, and highly partisan discussions, where Members talk past each other and interrupt each other incessantly, can get really old, … Continue reading

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Obama’s ‘Fair & Balanced’ Tax Package

Click here for an article from the┬áHeritage Foundation┬áthat summarizes all the new tax increases that the President recently signed into law. And click here for a rather depressing Huffington Post article concerning the unconscionable corporate tax breaks that were also … Continue reading

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